5 Ways to Start Soy Products Manufacturing Business

There are many options and industries to choose from if you are considering starting a manufacturing business. However, choosing a product or field that corresponds to the current demand of people and the trend is difficult to find.  

The food-related manufacturing business has been booming in the market, and one of the most prominent and profitable items is Soya. Due to their high demand and supply, soybean has become one of the most important oilseed crops. You can also profitably manufacture and sell various products using the same constituent. 

Is Soy Image source:  Sauce Manufacturing Business Profitable? 

Essentially, the global demand for soy sauce is rapidly increasing. It is rising as a result of growing health concerns as well as changing lifestyle and taste preferences. Between 2010 and 2014, the global soy sauce industry experienced rapid growth.  

In several countries, busy lifestyles and an increasing working population drive demand for soy sauces. Among these are, among others, the United States, Japan, China, Vietnam, and Brazil. Growing consumer concerns about healthy eating have increased the consumption of home-cooked meals. Furthermore, preparing various multi-cuisine foods at home has increased the global use of soy sauces. 

Best Soybean Processing Business Ideas 

There are numerous Soya Products that a business owner can manufacture and sell in the market. According to U.S. Soy news, you can manufacture any product; however, the ones with high demand and good returns matter. Below is a list of all the Soya products in high demand in the market. 


  1. Soy Milk

Soy milk has a high protein, low fat and carbohydrate, and no cholesterol. Furthermore, this is an excellent food for infants, children, the elderly, and pregnant and lactating women. As a result, the demand for this healthy food is rapidly increasing. 

You can start a soy milk manufacturing business with a small investment. Flavored soy milk is also very popular. Soy milk is a type of sustainable protein and can be used to make paneer, tofu, and other dairy products in addition to milk. 


  1. Soybean Oil

Soybean oil production is one of the most profitable soybean processing industries. This oil is essential in the Indian cooking oil industry. Solvent-extracted soybean oil is a commercial product because this crude oil must be refined further to produce refined soybean oil. 

You can start a medium and large-scale soybean oil extraction unit. It is best to begin the production unit with the assistance of a bank. Furthermore, the Pollution Control Board must approve this venture. 

  1. Tofu

Bean curd that has undergone fermentation is called tofu. Tofu can be made with soy milk. Tofu contains a lot of protein. Soy milk processing can start the process of making tofu. If not, you can only open a tofu production facility. 

  1. Soy Sauce

Soy sauce is made from fermented soybeans. It is a well-known flavor enhancer. It has a typical bitter-sour and sweet flavor and a bitter-sour and sweet taste. Indians use soy sauce in various Chinese, Thai, and Indian dishes. 

The production of soy sauce is straightforward. Furthermore, you can start a soy sauce manufacturing business with a small investment. Soy flour, salt, baking soda, vinegar, preservatives, and other major raw materials are required. 

  1. Soya Chunk

Textured soy chunks or soy nuggets are the most widely consumed foods. The item is also referred to as soybean meat. Soya nuggets can be made using soy flour. The protein in the flour experiences structural changes and develops a network resembling fibers as a result. 

The manufacturing process is straightforward. Additionally, the company requires only a small amount of equipment and infrastructure. Even starting a home-based soy chunk manufacturing business is possible. 

Steps to Start Soybeans Manufacturing Business 

  1. Market Research

You must research your local market before starting this business. First and foremost, identify the well-known brands of soy sauce. Examine their product packaging, distribution, and marketing strategy. All of this will assist you in making critical decisions when developing your business plan. 

In most cases, you can sell the product through the distribution network. Retail chains and supermarkets are also lucrative investments. You can also promote the product from your retail location. 

  1. Business Compliance

Soy sauce is, in essence, a food item. As a result, the manufacturing operation necessitates several licenses and permissions. However, it is dependent on where you start your business. Check the local rules and regulations before establishing the manufacturing unit. 

You must also register your business. It is best to check your state’s laws. Determine the organizational structure carefully based on the management pattern and investment ratio. 

  1. Plant & Machinery

To begin this business, you must first secure a location. Generally, a covered area of 1000 Sq Ft is sufficient to start a small unit. However, it is dependent, particularly on the size of the business. You can start your business in a rented space if you don’t have your own space. 

Attempt to secure the space in an industrial zone, however. Check the availability of water, electricity, parking space, and labor. 

You will need to purchase machinery based on your specific production output requirements. Purchase the machinery from a reputable vendor. Examine the warranty period. Request on-site training from the company.  

  1. Raw Material

Defatted soy flour is a key raw material in soy sauce production. You’ll also need salt, baking soda, vinegar, preservatives, and other ingredients. 

Aside from the ingredients, you’ll need to buy the packaging supplies. Soy sauce is typically packaged in a glass bottle or pet bottle. You will also require printed labels for the bottles. You must also obtain the outer cartons for bulk packaging. 

  1. Staffing and Promotion

Three different types of employees are required for three basic departments. First and foremost, you must hire workers for the manufacturing unit. You will also need a sales team and administrative personnel. 

A production manager, machine operator, and skilled laborers are required for the unit operation. You also have employees who generate bills, issue money receipts, and handle bank operations. Check to see if there is a need for logisticians as well. 

No business can achieve overall success unless and until it is promoted. It also holds for soy sauce. Because this is an FMCG item, consider increasing brand awareness. Furthermore, it would be best if you had a marketing strategy to promote your soy sauce manufacturing business in the local market. 


Soybean, the world’s second-largest acreage crop, is in high demand in the market. Manufacturing Soya Products can also be a simple and profitable business venture for entrepreneurs. Soya Chunk, Soy Sauce, Soy Flour, Soybean Oil, and Soya Milk are the top Soya Products that can be manufactured. Depending on the amount of capital available, a business owner may manufacture multiple Soya Products simultaneously.