Learn To Draw Butterfly Drawing For Kids

Learn To Draw Butterfly Drawing For Kids

Drawing For Kids butterfly is one of nature’s most beautiful and colourful creatures. These incredible insects have various species and variations, and their colourful wings are meticulously detailed.

One of the most well-known and finely detailed butterflies is the lovely monarch. Drawing For Kids large, exquisitely detailed wings of these magnificent butterflies can make learning to draw a monarch butterfly difficult.

If you want to learn how to draw this lovely butterfly, you’ve come to the right spot! Following our detailed guide, you can learn to draw a monarch butterfly in just six easy steps.

Painting a Butterfly Step by Step


  • We’ll focus on the head and body in this first section of our tutorial on drawing a monarch butterfly before going on to the stunning wings.
  • Start by drawing two tiny, rounded shapes for the butterfly’s eyes. Two straight lines can be drawn from these eyes to form the feelers. Additionally, the ends of these wires will be thick to accommodate the feelers’ extremities.
  • We need to finish this head before we build the butterfly’s body. The first section will be round and about the size of the head, connected by numerous smaller segments.
  • The final stage is to join more rounded shapes that are similar and descend in size and thickness.
  • Once you’ve drawn the body precisely as it appears in our reference image, we can continue to the following step.


  • After that, start drawing the wing in Step 2.
  • A butterfly wouldn’t be much of a butterfly without its first set of attractive wings, so in this second part, we’ll add them to your sketch of a monarch butterfly.
  • We will only draw the tip of the wing on the butterfly’s right side for the time being. We will use curved lines to represent the form in the reference image when drawing this part of the wing.
  • Rough edges will be present on the right wing before it moves inward to form a tiny base that connects to the body.


  • Draw the next section of the wing.
  • We’ll replicate what you did in the previous step in the third step of this tutorial on drawing a monarch butterfly.
  • In this step, you will draw the top half of the left wing, which will be shaped like the first section you drew in step 2.
  • Once these two halves are drawn, we will be ready for the bottom halves of the wings in the subsequent step.


  • Sketch the undersides of the wings next to step four.
  • The two lower wing sections of your monarch butterfly drawing must be sketched at this stage.
  • Because they will be more rounded and squat than the top halves you sketched, these sections will be very different from them.
  • From the base of the top halves of the wings downward, they will be drawn with rounded lines and have edges with bumps on them.
  • Once you have completed drawing the outlines of the wings, the next step is to decorate them.


  • Complete the wing patterns for your drawing of a monarch butterfly.
  • We’ve made several mentions of how lovely a monarch butterfly’s wing patterns are in this drawing tutorial, and in this part, we’ll begin drawing them.
  • This could be the most challenging part of the guidance due to the pattern’s possible complexity. We’ll move slowly while paying close attention to the reference picture to avoid frustration.
  • The wings’ patterning will be pretty dense on the edges, with some thinner, more intricate linework reaching the centre of the wings.


  • Additionally, some white dot patterns will be along some of the black borders with thicker margins.
  • Once you have accurately reproduced the pattern in the reference picture, you are ready to move on to the next step.
  • Once you have the concept down, you could draw your unique wing design and a fantastic background for a monarch butterfly. We’re eager to see how you tie this all up!