nifty vs things software

Nifty Software Vs Things Software: Select Wisely!

Project management tools are an important part of every organization. From managing projects to keeping track of every team member, the software has made lives for employees easier. This specifically includes the team leads and managers. But how do you know which PM tool will work best for you? The simple answer is through the application’s features, demo, pricing, and reviews. This article provides a comparison of Nifty Software vs Things Software to analyze these factors.  

Nifty Software  

Nifty is a cutting-edge project management tool. It shortens project development cycles and boosts team productivity. It does this by merging all of the essential project management capabilities into a single piece of software. The ultimate result is milestone-driven development that keeps teams motivated and corporate goals on track. Nifty’s software allows you to manage tasks in both Kanban and list views. This includes a built-in calendar that can be synced with Google and allows you to share files and documents. Collaboration on Nifty comes naturally because each project has its discussion thread that encourages project-specific dialogue.   

Key Features of Nifty Software  


This feature helps you to automate status reporting. It serves as a visual project guide by automating progress depending on job completion. The application automates the in-progress, completed, and overdue statuses based on the fulfillment of connected tasks. Moreover, you can set bulk task dependencies as well. Besides, you can also set a repeating calendar for your sprints and never miss a key deadline again with recurring milestones.  

Docs & Files  

The application allows you to maintain an orderly collaboration center by storing papers and files alongside your projects. Furthermore, you can create collaborative documents with team members and store them alongside projects. Adding to that, the feature allows you to launch a document from Project Discussions to invite and include everyone in the project right away.  

Project Portfolios  

This application enables you to improve the organization and automation of your workflow. You can sort your projects into portfolio teams based on operations, account ownership, client delivery, and other criteria. Moreover, you can create public or private, invitation-only projects within a portfolio to manually regulate a project’s privacy. Additionally, the program allows you to transfer projects between portfolios. Also, you can assign new owners to these portfolios. This ensures that your workplace is personalized to your needs.  

Nifty Demo  

You can avail of the free demo version of the software on its official website. You just have to visit the website and click on the “Book a Demo” option. Moreover, the software allows you to select a time and date according to your availability to get an introduction to the application.  

Nifty Pricing  

The software has 5 pricing strategies. Its Free package does not charge anything to the users. The cost of the Starter package is $39, the Pro pack is $79, the Business package is $124, and the Unlimited package costs $399. All of these prices are every month if billed annually. Moreover, each of these packages comes up with its distinct key features. Head over to the official website of the company to learn more about these features.  

Nifty Reviews  

The software has an excellent use satisfaction rating with a majority of consumer evaluations in its favor. It has a high rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars on G2 and 4.5 on SoftwareAdvice.  

Things Software  

Things is a task management app for iOS, Mac, and Apple Watch that allows users to manage projects, plan events and set reminders on a single platform. It enables administrators to use Apple’s calendar application. Thus, they can synchronize data relating to events and checklists. 

It includes several features. This includes mind mapping, collaboration, progress monitoring, analytics, a drag-and-drop interface, and more. Users can filter and categorize jobs by the due date, as well as manage daily routines and long-term goals, using the platform. Furthermore, stakeholders can organize to-do lists into daily activities and assign deadlines.  

Adding to that, Things are compatible with Spotlight. This allows professionals to find documents, photographs, audio files, and programs across many PCs. Pricing is based on a one-time license, and assistance is provided by phone, email, manuals, and other online tools.  

Key Features of Things Software  

Calendar Management  

The application allows you to prepare and plan your calendar ahead of time. This includes planning every single task to meet deadlines efficiently. Moreover, the software allows you to keep track of your time and work responsibly to cover all your responsibilities on their given dates.  

All New Design  

The all-new Things software has a brand-new design. The application not only looks good but it also works and feels good. This is because the interactions are entertaining and the animations are fluid. Moreover, it allows you to organize your content efficiently. Furthermore, even the concepts are more apparent due to this feature of the app.  


Use this feature to make divisions, checkpoints, or whatever you need by giving each one a name and dragging your to-dos underneath. Moreover, the application provides you with a great, simple framework for your list. Things make planning for you pretty easier and crystal clear.  

Things Demo  

There is no mention of a free demo on the company’s official website. However, the software does offer a 15-day free trial to its potential customers. Thus, you can experience the entire software before actually fully buying it.  

Things Pricing  

The pricing of the software is not available on its official website. The company is not much transparent about its pricing strategies. However, you can still get a pricing quotation by reaching out to third-party vendors to get a detailed and personalized pricing strategy. It enables you to get an idea of whether the pricing is relevant to your budget or not in the first place 

Things Reviews  

The software has an excellent user satisfaction rating with a majority of evaluations it is in favor. There a several software review websites that have positive user responses. For instance, the program has a high rating of 5.0 out of 5 stars on SoftwareAdvice and 4.9 on GetApp.  


Even though the reviews of Things Software are better as compared to the Nifty software, it cannot be said which one is better. This is because the suitability of a project management tool depends on the finances, size, and needs of your company. Thus, you need to analyze these factors to check which PM tool suits you the best.