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Noorani Qaida to Quran Learning with Tajweed

Noorani Qaida is a basic Arabic literacy book used to teach how to read the Quran. It is an essential resource for anyone who wants to learn how to read Arabic script, including children and adults. Noorani Qaida is widely used by Islamic schools and Quran learning centers around the world. In this blog, we will provide some tips and techniques to help you start learning Noorani Qaida.

Understand the Arabic Alphabet Before starting to learn online Noorani Qaida; it is imperative to understand the Arabic alphabet. The Arabic alphabet has 28 letters, and each letter has a unique sound and shape. It is essential to master the Arabic alphabet before proceeding to Noorani Qaida. You can find numerous resources online or enroll in a course to help you learn the Arabic alphabet.

Noorani Qaida Learning

Get a Copy of Noorani Qaida Once you have learned the Arabic alphabet, the next step is to obtain a copy of Noorani Qaida. You can purchase a hard copy of the book or download a digital version. Noorani Qaida is widely available in bookstores or online.

Learn the Basic Rules Noorani Qaida teaches the basic rules of Arabic pronunciation, including the pronunciation of vowels and consonants. The book teaches the different forms of vowels, such as short vowels, long vowels, and diphthongs. It also covers the different types of Arabic script, including connected and non-connected forms. Practice Pronunciation Noorani Qaida provides a variety of exercises and examples to help you learn the correct pronunciation of Arabic letters and words. It is important to practice pronunciation regularly and consistently to ensure that you are mastering the correct pronunciation.

Follow a Structured Learning Plan

To make the most of your Noorani Qaida learning journey, it is essential to follow a structured learning plan. This includes setting specific goals, creating a study schedule, and tracking your progress. You can also consider enrolling in a course or hiring a tutor to help you stay on track and receive personalized guidance.

Listen to Audio Recordings Listening to audio recordings of the Noorani Qaida exercises can help you improve your pronunciation and comprehension of Arabic. You can find numerous audio recordings online, including those by experienced readers and teachers. Listen to the recordings regularly, and practice repeating the exercises to enhance your proficiency.

Join Learn Quran USA

Join a Quran Learning Center Joining a Quran learning center is an excellent way to learn Noorani Qaida and enhance your understanding of the Quran. Quran learning centers offer a range of courses, including Quran recitation, tafsir, and Arabic language learning. These centers provide a supportive learning environment and enable you to learn from experienced teachers and interact with other students.

Practice Regularly Consistency is key when it comes to learning Noorani Qaida. Regular practice and repetition are essential to ensure that you are making progress and mastering the material. It is recommended to practice for at least 30 minutes a day, and to increase the time gradually as you progress.


In conclusion, the Nooranii Qaida is an essential resource for anyone who wants to learn how to read the Quran. To start learning Quran with tajweed, it is essential to understand the Arabic alphabet, obtain a copy of the book, learn the basic rules, practice pronunciation, follow a structured learning plan, listen to audio recordings, join a Quran learning center, and practice regularly. By following these tips and techniques, you can start your Noorani Qaida journey and enhance your understanding of the Quran language.