Process for University of Leicester Admission

Process for University of Leicester Admission


The University of Leicester is one of the UK’s premier universities, and offers a range of courses and programs to study. But getting accepted into the university isn’t always easy, as there are a number of steps you must take in order to be admitted. In this blog post, we’ll provide an overview of the process for admission to University of Leicester and what you need to do. We’ll also look at some tips and tricks that can help make your application successful. So if you’re interested in studying at the University of Leicester, read on to find out more about how you can get accepted!

The Application Process

The Application Process

We are now approaching the final stages of the admissions cycle for the University of Leicester. In order to be considered for a place on one of our courses, you will need to have submitted a UCAS application by 15 January 2020. If you have not yet applied, or if your application is incomplete, please do so as soon as possible. We may be able to consider late applications on a case-by-case basis.

Once we have received your UCAS application, we will invite you to complete an online self-assessment. This process is designed to help us understand your suitability for the course you have applied for, and will take approximately 30 minutes to complete. You will need to provide some personal and academic information, as well as assess your English language proficiency.

If your self-assessment indicates that you meet the minimum requirements for admission to the University of Leicester, we will invite you to attend an interview. Interviews will be held between February and April 2020, and will last approximately 30 minutes. During your interview, we will assess your suitability for the course and answer any questions you may have about studying at the University of Leicester.

After your interview, we will make a decision on your application and notify you via UCAS Track. If you are offered a place at the University of Leicester, congratulations! We look forward to welcoming you to our community in September 2020.

The Offer Process

The offer process for the University of Leicester is as follows:

  •  All applicants will be contacted by the University with either an offer of admission, or a request for further information.
  •  Applicants who have been offered a place at the University will be asked to confirm their acceptance of the offer, and to pay a deposit.
  •  Once the deposit has been paid, the applicant will be sent an official confirmation of their place at the University.

After You’re Accepted

The next step is to complete the online registration form. After you have registered, you will be able to access Leicester’s student self-service portal, where you can view your personalized timetable, track your progress towards graduation, and more.

You will also need to pay a deposit of £3,000 before you can start your studies at Leicester. The deposit is refundable if you withdraw from your course within 14 days of the start of the academic year.

If you’re an international student, you may need to apply for a visa. For more information on visas and immigration, please visit Leicester’s International Student Advice Team website.

Study in UK

The United Kingdom is home to some of the world’s top universities, making it a popular destination for international students. If you’re interested in study in UK, the first step is to research your options and find a school that’s right for you.

Once you’ve chosen a university, you’ll need to begin the admission process. The requirements and steps vary depending on the institution and your country of origin, but there are some general tips you can follow:

Start early: The UK admissions process can take several months, so it’s important to start researching and preparing as early as possible.

Gather documents: You’ll likely need to submit transcripts, test scores, letters of recommendation, and other supporting materials. Make sure you have everything ready before beginning your application.

Apply online: Most UK universities use an online application system called UCAS. Create an account and fill out your personal details, educational history, and course preferences. Once complete, your application will be sent to your chosen schools.

Wait for a decision: After submitting your application, all you can do is wait for a decision from the university. This can take several weeks or even months. Be patient and keep checking your email or portal for updates from the school.


The University of Leicester has a straightforward and clearly defined process for admission. For the best chance of getting admitted, applicants should take their time to review each stage carefully and submit all required documents in a timely manner. Furthermore, they should be aware that an interview with admissions staff may also be necessary as part of the application process. With these tips, we are confident that applicants can make successful applications to study at this prestigious university.