Top 5 gemstones worn for healing energies

Top 5 gemstones worn for healing energies

Gemstones are known for their healing powers. That is why, their authenticity is a point of significance always. Experts with mystic abilities suggest wearing gemstones to come out of a difficult situation or to stay blessed with good health and thoughts. Let’s explore in this post 5 gemstones that are quite known for healing capacities, and have ornamental value too.

Ruby gemstone

The best ruby colors are red, dark pink and some hue close to magenta. This stone belongs to corundum family because of which it is called ‘kuruvinda’ in Sanskrit. Speaking about its mystical healing energy, this stone stimulates heart chakra. Thus, love in relationship, success in work, honor in society are some of the reasons for which the healing powers of Ruby(Manak) Gemstone are depended upon.

Ruby stone has the ability to cleanse the aura. Any toxicity within the body can be set off with the help of this gemstone. Its crystals therapeutically boosts the reproductive system and is known to arouse our chi energy. Ruby is gemstone of the July month and is quite popular as the 40th anniversary gift.

Blue Sapphire Gemstone

Blue Sapphire is the twin brother of Ruby from Corundum family. Gemmologists regard all blue and other color stones barring the red ones in the corundum family as sapphires. Blue Sapphire is a powerful stone and delivers results most quickly.

Blue sapphire plays the role in arousing the throat chakra. So, those wanting to express themselves with clarity and conviction among all spheres of life are advised to wear Blue Sapphire Gemstone. The royal blue also acts on the third eye chakra and promotes self-awareness. Its cleansing properties work on issues related to vision or eye-sight, headaches, and balance in the body. When you want to achieve success in love and other spheres this September birthstone offers the required support.

Yellow Sapphire Gemstone

The vibrations of Yellow(pukhraj) Sapphire Gemstone align with the solar plexus chakra. This September birthstone is used to stabilize the wandering mind. The people who want to make a career in law, education, advisory or counselling are advised to wear Yellow Sapphire to achieve their objectives. The healing properties of yellow sapphire crystal are quite pronounced.

Yellow Sapphire acts on the body fat and cuts it, thus, allows to meet the weight loss objectives. It is used as protective talisman to shield the self from sudden losses or accidents. Acting mainly on skin and throat, the yellow sapphire stone works on the ailments of these body areas and improves overall health of the wearer.

Emerald gemstone

Emerald gemstone is one of the top three precious gemstones and is quite known for its mystic properties. It is a great career booster and works awesome when worn with gold, silver or paanchdhaatu. This stone is quite prominent healer too.

The healing properties of the Emerald(panna) gemstone work mainly towards eliminating the free radicals in the body. Thus, the stone boosts the fighting ability of the body or makes it more immune to infections. This stone works on heart and kidneys. As a result, the wearer feels significant changes in the neurological and circulatory systems.

When hovered over the third eye chakra, the crystal made of Emerald is known to induce more prominent psychic abilities.

Emerald is also known for boosting reasoning powers. Its healing powers are useful for treating disorders of lungs, heart and spinal cord. The muscular system’s ailments are also healed with this stone.

Emerald acts on the heart chakra of the body and is a great emotions’ cleanser. It helps to have a positive attitude towards life. It dispels all negative energy that clogs the emotional framework so that the person remains hopeful and accommodating of good things in life..

Cat’s eye gemstone

Cat’s eye is a fast-acting gemstone that has considerable healing properties. This gemstone has distinct planetary energies. It offers considerable peace of mind and helps eradicate the emotional setbacks. People use it as a talisman to protect themselves from unforeseen or unexpected dangers.

Cat’s eye gemstone has profound impact on various systems of our body. It solves vision disorders, brings back the person from post-trauma stress, improves blood sugar level and induces agility in the wearer.

To get the best results from this gemstone, or all other gemstones, the astrologer advice must be sought after.

Summing up

Gemstones are treated with heat and other methods to created fashionable jewelry pieces. However, the natural, untreated gemstones have their utility in healing the wearer from ailments and various disorders. The experts suggest how to use gemstones or may conduct the crystal audit to cleanse the body. If you are looking for the best gemstones that can heal your systems, consider the list curated above. It may help you bounce back from the downward emotional spiral.