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What Is a Virtual Cell? its benefits

A virtual cell is an affordable alternative to a traditional phone system. It allows a business to keep a local phone number without having to pay for a fixed line.

This can be especially helpful for a business that is based in one location but also has a team scattered across the globe. It can be paired with a cloud phone system to ensure that calls are routed properly and efficiently when staff are in different locations.


A virtual landline can be a cost-effective business solution for a variety of different needs. It is ideal for small businesses and start-ups that want a local or 0800 number to advertise on their website, business cards or online marketing campaigns.

These numbers are also popular with call centres who have offices in multiple locations. This helps to deliver efficient 24/7 cover for a wide range of clients and is often less expensive than a traditional fixed line.

Many companies also use virtual landline services to help with scalability. Unlike traditional phone systems, VoIP services are extremely flexible and easy to add features or lines as your business grows.

A virtual landline can be set up to divert calls in different ways – either “Simultaneous”, “In sequence” or “Load-balanced”. These are all designed to minimise missed calls and can have a major impact on your bottom line.


A virtual landline is a nifty way to give your business the appearance of being based in multiple locations without the costs associated with a fixed line. This is especially useful for companies that operate from different time zones, such as call centres.

A slick virtual landline system can be managed from an online portal, giving you instant control over all your virtual phone numbers and account users. This includes the ability to configure new call forwarding rules, monitor call recordings and logs, upload custom greetings for your virtual attendants, change your call waiting music and more.

A top-notch virtual phone service can even help your company stand out from the crowd by offering the best possible call quality, thanks to high-end audio conferencing and VoIP technology. You can also keep an eye on your business’s bottom line with a simple dashboard, which lets you view and track your most important metrics, such as total calls received and average customer satisfaction.


Virtual landline services are a great way to get your business calls to ring where you want them, when you need them. They don’t require any expensive hardware, and can even run on a mobile phone or a tablet.

Unlike traditional landline numbers, which are allocated based on an area code, virtual numbers can be chosen on a company’s behalf. This means they can be used for specific marketing campaigns or for different departments.

They also offer a number of benefits to businesses, including the ability to route calls to different devices. This helps employees to work more efficiently and enables them to remain connected with the office.

In addition, they can help you to create a consistent brand image across your business. This is especially helpful if you have multiple branches or locations. Some providers even allow you to forward your business calls overseas for free, ensuring that you’re always accessible from the right part of the world.


A virtual landline can be used by businesses as an alternative to a physical phone number, without the need for fixed hardware. This flexibility allows remote work to be done from anywhere and gives a business an established, professional look.

In addition, virtual landlines provide a range of advanced features that can be tailored to your business needs, such as call forwarding, simultaneous ringing, call recording and analytics. These features can help you keep costs low while reducing incoming calls.

Using virtual landline services can also make you appear more rooted in your local area, which will increase your customer trust and confidence. This is particularly useful for businesses who want to attract local clients and customers.v