September 22, 2023
Norstrat Consulting

One of the leading consulting firms on the planet can be found in Norstrat, Canada. They provide a wide range of services that assist in the expansion and growth of companies, as well as consulting services. Your company can achieve growth by utilising their services. They will always give you the best advice and assistance with your social media and digital marketing. They aid customers in making educated choices and put innovative strategies into practise to help them achieve their objectives. The consultant aids clients in understanding their challenges and devising unique solutions to reach the desired results.

Introduction to NORSTRAT:

Norstrat Consulting Inc. is a consulting firm that has gained a lot of popularity these days. This firm was created with the sole purpose of assisting clients with a strong focus and goals to integrate various features. features and components primarily from Canada’s Northern strategy to increase and multiply conversions and sales.

This consulting firm is managed and overseen by Lee Carson, who is an experienced magnate in this area. Mr. Carson has been a known and respected member of Canada’s aerospace and defence communities. He is passionate about this area, and his lifelong passion for everything adds more to it. This is evident in his consulting firm as well as the approaches he employs.

When it comes to Norstrat Consulting, the vision is centred on both challenges and innovation. Their vision is to believe that the overall strategy is responsible for representing Canada’s crucial as well as challenging programme. Not only is this programme exciting, but it is also the most focused one of the 21st century. Not to mention the numerous roles it gives its clients in this program. Some aspects are known the most, while others are preferred over time, a look at the known ones is below.

  • Federal Focused Crown Procurement Tracking
  • Arctic as well as Maritime Domain Expansion Subject Experience
  • Focused passion for Every Artic Aspect.

What is Norstrat Consulting Inc.?

  • Registered Name: Norstrat Consulting Inc.
  • Director: Lee Carson
  • 3 Arbuckle Cres, Nepean, ON, K2G 5G9, Canada
  • Website:
  • Phone: (613) 986-0388
  • Revenue: $905,565
  • Industry: Engineering, Architectural, and Related Services, Scientific, Professional, and Technical Services, Consulting Engineer

What is the main purpose of Norstrat?

Every time, it gets asked a lot: what exactly does Norstrat do? Well, in simple terms, the major focus or mission of this consulting firm is to assist clients in building the required northern structure. This structure works especially well for those who have an asset or a business goal to build more conversions. It allows them to build elements of Canada’s Northern Strategy, perfectly implemented within their infrastructure. The firm does it through constant sharing as well as improvising their efforts based on the client’s needs.

What is the Major Focus of Norstrat?

The major focus of the firm is related to the major projects related to infrastructure that are fully funded by the government. While it can include federal initiatives as well, the major focus is the same. This includes satellites, transportation, telecommunications, defense, and social structure systems. Furthermore, the investment schemes also include housing and other similar initiatives, among many others.

History of Norstrat Consulting

Workers from the city and abandoned Canadian military servicemen organised it in 2010. Norstrat was enhanced in a variety of ways to enable the deliberate transmission of work focused on the specific goals and aspirations of the sponsor that communicate the new commercial centre.

In its early years, Norstrat had just one department in Canada. It has since increased its ties to the US, although Canada is still split. It is a well-respected, essential counselling tool with close links to the military and government. It has now become a consolidated interchange consultancy commitment for a worldwide category of computerised methods, common affiliations, and online media business administration.

It is a highly renowned strategic consulting organisation with strong links to the military and government. Since then, it has developed into a full-service communications agency that offers social media marketing, public relations, and digital strategy to global businesses. Who is looking to expand its activities abroad? Alternatively, those who want to discover new markets in their area. Norstrat offers a range of services that are customised to meet the specific needs and goals of each customer.

What’s the Process Norstrat Uses for the Clients?

The process is done generally by assisting the client throughout the overall northern strategy by the government and its opportunities. Within this process, they were tasked with assisting the client in identifying as well as accessing the major related stakeholders and tasks. There are many ways to complete this, either by sharing domain information on important issues. Or it can also include new opportunities related to developing better Northern infrastructure. Aside from the use of expert bidding, success and management of infrastructure development projects are also critical. All that is included in the package they offer, and they even customise it, especially for every client who needs it. The client is free to discuss all this prior to selecting a package for their total consultation.

Where is Norstrat Located, and Where it It Operate From?

Ever since its registration, Norstrat is based in Ottawa and co-located with various departments of the federal government and agencies. The firm’s primary responsibilities are in Northern Canada and the jurisdictions it oversees. They are close to the national representing organisation ITK’s main headquarters. The organisation works to protect the major rights and concerns of Inuit across Canada. Not to mention that Ottawa provided excellent service with consistent air connections to the northern areas. From here, they serve clients across continents and, on occasion, on a global scale.

What is Norstrat Priority?

The year 1885 saw the population depict a comprehensive and difficult infrastructure project under the federal government. It joined the entire country of Canada from the East to the West and progressed slowly. This time, they are focusing on the Southern and Northern areas of infrastructure for maximum expansion. However, this time, the focus is not a railroad, but instead a compiled suite of various projects for the infrastructure. All of these are necessary for the development as well as security of the Northern areas. Norstrat’s prioritised mission is to consult clients on these next-level projects.

How Many Networking Partners Does Norstrat Have?

The Northern Strategy is very deep and diverse, with various ways to approach disciplinary tasks. Each assignment is unique and tailored to the needs of the individual. They have a diverse network of consulting teams and professional partners to overcome these tasks. Their experts are the best at providing you with the assistance you require.

Norstrat’s Expertise in This Area

Norstrat has gained a diversified range of expertise over the years. Some notable ones are mentioned below.

  • Subject Matter Objectives
  • Successfully became a member of Victoria Strait Expedition in 2014.
  • Authorized the main articles of Canada’s Northern Strategy. Conference Papers and Presentations
  • Expanded its Northern travel and Networks
  • Northern System Building Objectives
  • Successfully developed the BAPS Iceberg Tracking System.
  • Formed the IDIAS Ocean Ice Mapping Device.
  • MCOIN III Recognized Maritime Photo system was also a success.
  • Radarsat II Arctic Surveillance is considered the most accurate of its developed projects.
  • AIS-Space Arctic Marine Survey and Motion Tracking developed
  • Tasked with the Radarsat Constellation Mission and completed it.

Business Growth Expertise

  • With over $200 million in federal government funding, they have achieved success.
  • Productive and innovative campaign Strategies.
  • Overall proposal as well as bid administration.
  • Project Management Expertise
  • They tasked and succeeded with many project management objectives in recent expeditions,
  • ranging from ARCS to innovative projects.

Focused Capital Project Expertise

  • Success with the Maritime Coastal Defence Vessel
  • Radarsat II completion.
  • Radarsat Constellation Mission was completed.

What Services Does Norstrat Offer?

Norstrat Consulting Inc. allows a diverse range of advice as well as assistance around its client’s requirements. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • They deliver strategic assistance on any Northern Strategy campaign strategy.
  • Allows subject matter experience vastly.
  • Simplifies the process early building on the Northern Strategy
  • Delivers total assistance with project definition.
  • Business Memoranda and Closing properly.
  • Properly defines operational necessities.
  • They provide a detailed definition of Procurement strategy.
  • Their services manage the capture and bid support actively


Norstrat is a company that provides consumers with important company advice and services. As this page has been designed in Norstrat order, there are a few contributing organisations of varied degrees of importance, as well as several notable teachers in the organisation. To put it another way, they remain energetic entertainers in the realm of expecting new organisations or gatherings. The present request exposure on the norstrat website is beginning to improve since it contains the most beneficial vital counselling tests in comparison to the administrations they give.